Gay Jomtien

Gay Jomtien is the only place to be and and ?Mark bar and QM rooms are the only place to be seen. With some of the most attentive staff in Jomtien and Pattaya a great night out is always guaranteed. Our parties are Legend and often seats are hard to come by.

QM and ? mark bar in the heart of gay Jomtien understand what our clientele want and provide exactly that. We don;t try smart and incomprehensible offers; we offer drinks, great service, massages and affordable rooms. If you fancy a bite to eat, we will have your food delivered to your table.

Visit our gay event page to find out what is happening. Everyone is always welcome to our parties; you might want to consider us for your next gay celebration be it a birthday or anniversary.

They say that gay Pattaya or the gay bars are finished but they could not be more wrong. Gay Jomtien is becoming more popular as people find out that Gay Romeo and Grnder are not all that they seem. A recent visitor to the bar has stated that a QM boy had come to his room and stole all his money and asked what we were going to do about it. When questioned further it was revealed that he had actually met this young man on a gay social media site. Here is a piece of advice make sure you know who you invite back to your room! An even better piece of advice is to go to a respected gay bar or gay night club and at least you will have some protection or method to trace any wrongdoers.